On the Gospel of Christ:


  • We are sinners, therefore, we sin. NOT we have sinned, therefore, we are sinners.
  • Sin is NOT crime, but crime definitely is sin.
  • Sin is cutting off relationship with God and walking away from Him.

The wages of sin is death…”

  • Death is the eternal separation from God.
  • To sin, we are helpless as a terminal cancer patient.
  • God’s antidote: Christ, who is God Himself, became man. Died, without sin, on behalf of every sinner. “

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

  • Christ is the ONLY WAY for us to get close to / get right with God.

If [we] confess with [our] mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in [our] heart that God raised [Christ] from the dead, [we] will be saved.”

  • Through our confession and believing, God delightedly gives us peace, hope, dignity, meaning, and the power to change!
  • We can be healthy again.
  • There is no better deal for you to live an abundant and joyful life, now and forever.

On a true atheist

(An excerpt of PT’s sermon)


On a true atheist 1:

If you are a true atheist, you should:


            Say to your dying mom, without tear and emotion, “Mama, you should go! You are weak and ill, you are a hindrance to the progressive evolution process. Your genes are weak. Let me carry the good genes to continue the evolutionary link. If you die now, less energy will be consumed. Your decomposed body actually can contribute to the next stage of random mutation.”


Your mom got a heart attack and says, “You are an animal!!”


You then reply, “We all are evolved from animals!!”



On a true atheist 2:

If you are a true atheist, you should not:


            Call 911 for a pick-pocket. You should say to yourself, “Unfortunately, I am a weaker link, the theft is a stronger link. He deserves to be protected for stronger and more deceitful power to survive!”


(BTW, love, compassion, considerate, ……blood donation etc. go against the law of Evolution – survival of the fittest!)



Another argument against the atheists

How do we get from here to there: the insurmountable gap? (molecule to human)

·        Old arguments: TIME, RANDOMNESS & CHANCE

·        New argument: break up into millions or billions of steps in minute probabilities (Just break up into billions of steps in incremental inching up the slope of the evolutionary climb)

* It is a kin to MAGIC

* A millions or billions of insurmountable steps do not make an insurmountable step however miniscule to be surmountable!


What about conducting an experiment to test the existence of God. Let us divide sick people into 2 groups. One sick group pray to God and the other without prayers made.

If God exists, He answers prayers (pure assertion, however). If God does not exist, it takes one prayer unanswered in the group that prays to disprove His existence. People who pray did not recover from their sickness. Where is God?


There is the world of difference between “natural causality” and “personal causality”.

An example of natural, physical, chemical, mechanical, or impersonal, causality can be illustrated in the following: When temperature remains constant, the volume of a fixed mass of a gas decreases as the pressure increases, and it increases when the pressure decreases. If the pressure is kept constant…… (Boyle’s Law)

One sick child did not receive any help or gift in spite of its persistent quest. There are motive, desire, interest, care, foresight, judgment, reflection, … involve in the “multiplicity and complexity” of other correlative factors why the parent does not attend to the request made by the sick child.

* God and Christ are not like gold and chemicals

* God and people are not like that of game and program

* Trust and communion are not like that of rust and combustion

* Love and song are not like that of light and soil

* Prayer and truth are not like that of pressure and temperature

The relationship between prayer and disease should not be over-emphasized or made into a test case for the proof on the existence of God under a scientific experiment.

Psalm 46:10-11

1.     The experiment (the double-blind? Studies) is too mechanical bothering more on formula of magic than faith in the Messiah Jesus Christ our Savior.

2.     Our culture has the utilitarian bent to reduce spiritual reality into economic commodity or personal usability and beneficiality.


If God has to fit into our agreement, preference, convenience, schedule, and taste, then what God has spoken and done in His atonement, purpose, covenant, Sabbath and truth, would never arise or be realized in our knowledge of Him.

3.     Whenever God is reduced to our human bidding, no longer is that kind of God the God of the Bible.

* We have set preconditions for what God can or cannot be or do. Would we believe there is such a God? Could we still believe that God is still who His is?

4.     The Christ knows that the whole creation is under “the curse of sin” after the Fall of Adam and Eve. Thus, what is on the spiritual level should await for the complete redemption in the coming of Christ. (Romans 8:22-23)

5.     The mark of a true Christian in prayer to God is “Thy will be done.” It is uttered in hope, confidence, peace, courage, assurance, and love of the Lord and not the spurning of words in defeat, helplessness, anger, or bitterness. (Matthew 26:42-46)

The question of the atheist on the existence of God in answering prayer can be argued from the prayer of Jesus Christ Himself both in the garden of Gethsemane and at the crucifixion. Did God exist to listen to the prayer of the Savior?

* The prayer of Jesus Christ was never on the existence of God nor on the care of God. It was not even on the purpose of God. The prayer of the Savior had to do with the eternal humiliation and the intense suffering of bearing the sins of the human race.

Christ is coming again! Believe and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

He who knew no sin was made to bear our sins.

He was made to bear our sins, not made to sin. O what a Savior!

Give an answer to those who ask about the hope in you as a Christian

Atheist’s Argument:

The heart or the eye is not something “improbable” in the theory of evolution because changes do not come by “a single leap” but by “breaking the improbability up into small, manageable parts, smearing out the luck needed, going round the back of Mount Improbable and crawling up the gentle slopes, inch by million-year inch.”


Christian Response:

To the atheist, any espousal of a Designer “would have to be intelligent and complicated beyond all imagining and complicated is just another word for improbable—and therefore demanding of explanation.”

1.      But how about breaking the “complication” into parts in the creative works of God?


2.      Why is it improbable to think of God since He is “beyond all imagining” when the atheist challenges us to “dare to imagine beyond” for the changes necessary in the theory of evolution?


3.      Who has witnessed the infinitesimal progress or crawl by an inch in millions of years?

·        How do we get from here to there: the insurmountable gap? [Mount Improbable]

·        New argument of the atheist: just break up into billions of steps in incremental inching up the slope of the evolutionary climb?


4.      By breaking up into millions of parts and imagining each step to the next as a millionth change of “successful occurrence,” we simply multiply the occurrence from improbable to impossible. But evolutionists argue from “improbable” to “extremely improbable,” and then by a “blind leap of atheistic faith” arrives at the likelihood of occurrence.


5.      By breaking into parts, the atheist assumes the “total purpose’ or “overall function” is still in view and known prior to the complete integration of functions.

·        For example: A blind person might feel the elephant’s trunk for a fire hose, the tail for a rope, the ear for a giant leaf, and the knees for an old person with rough wrinkles. Would each person know each part as in the whole picture of an elephant without knowing or seeing the complete existence of an elephant?

·        Knowing a part is far from knowing the whole in terms of total function and purpose.

·        Imagine the simplest cell crawling up the “improbable mountain” and inching its way along millions of years along the slope and getting to the top as a multi-cellar biped creature, that is the incredible faith of the atheist and his theory of evolution!


6.      What the atheist is asserting is that more “time” more likelihood of occurrence. Throw in “chance” and it would increase the likelihood of occurrence. Now, throw in the idea of “breaking into millions of step or parts” and the whole idea of a particular occurrence, according to the theory of evolution, would bound to occur. It is like saying, if we put a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters for a million years, some how the works of Shakespeare could be generated or maybe a work on the theodicy of nature.

·        It is like the illustration of putting each part of an airplane—air pressure instrument, wheels, o-rings, bearings, turbine engines, black-box recorder, hydraulic systems, couplings, warning systems and lights, emergency doors, compressors, etc—into a huge contained and let it shake for millions of years and eventually a 747 airplane would be assembled. But that is not all.

·        One has to break into much smaller composition such as rubber, metal, oil, fiber glass, copper… So the illustration continues, we are to shake and mingle these materials for millions of years and let randomness, chance, and luck to from a fuel gauge, radar communication, air conditioning system, gyroscope, weather forecast instruments.


Christian Response:

Why the theory of evolution based on “minutely incremental development” due to survival instinct had to face with many living things that possess attributes and abilities may beyond their “merely instinctual survivability?”


One physicist asks, “we have certain skills—for example, we can jump streams and catch falling apples—which are necessary for getting by in the world, but why is it that we also have the ability to discern, for example, what’s going on inside atoms, or inside black holes, these are completely outside the domains of everyday experience…not necessarily for good Darwinian survival.”


Human beings are endowed with far greater intelligence that just the survival level of existence. We are connected to God in the worship, work, walk, and wonder of life.


Atheist’s Argument:

We cannot prove the non-existence of God just as we cannot disprove the existence of microscopically small teapot revolving around the Sun between Earth and Mars because, in this hypothetical example, the existence of the thing in questions is undetectable by any known means, and so the non-existence is impossible to prove.


Atheists boast of the unnecessary need to disprove fantastical claim such as the “invisible, intangible, inaudible unicorn,” or the “flying spaghetti monster.” Some atheists accept what seems to be Design and Intelligence in nature but explain it on the basics on evolutionary naturalism. Thus, there is Design but no need for the Designer.


Christian Response:

Christians are not that stupid to fail in distinguishing what is of “fantastical imagination” and what is of “factual imagination,” the former being delusively improbable and the latter inferentially probable.









A Digital Immigrant

剛巧 Spring Break, 把日久失修的 Blog 從 Yahoo 搬家。還有很多的事想在這星期完成……但恐怕會"眼闊肚窄"了!

剛開始用Facebook,的確是遲了一點。很久以前已想用它,但畏首畏尾,又怕 security 的問題,又怕誤交損友……但沒辦法了! 自己已不是 "Digital Native",更不想做太過份的"Digital Immigrant"!





熱誠(passion)不單是喜歡,上癮或迷醉。Caleb對‘熱誠’的定義是:酷愛+持久+執著+胸襟+冒險+取+卓見+天資。有些人空是喜歡而缺乏天資卓見,不會有限大的發揮;有些人很talented但感覺不到他/她的愛。諒我只是偶爾看看food channel,對我來說,Emeril是有執著,但看不到他的熱誠。Jamie Oliver最感覺到他的熱誠及活力。Hiroyuki Sakai的熱誠是使人佩服,他有著以上所有的品質,再加冷靜和養!



shopping 很過癮

有什麼東西比人家付款,我 shopping 更過癮呢?這些全部都是剛剛新鮮到埗的"玩具"。上學期一連完成了兩個 Funding projects,加起來一共有八千元。嘩八千元買音樂系的儀器,又可 shopping,又可學用器材,一舉兩得。Mixer, mic, interface, 一部 Mac laptop,iPod nano, Hymntune CD-ROM, Music stands, and Stand cart。

My chains are gone

每次聽基督教電台 KCBI ( 認識我的人亦知道我有很多時間在 Highway 上),每次一定會聽到 Chris Tomlin 的 Amazing Grace ( My chains are gone ),有時一天可有三,四次! 初時聽這隻歌感覺很 cheesy。但往往看罷其電影再聽這歌時,感覺就不一樣了。Amazing Grace 是講英國歷史中,有一位年輕的國會議員(William Wilberforce),雄心壯志想借自己的地位而廢除英國的奴隸制度。但他後來回歸基督教後,想放棄國家而事奉神。但他所有的朋友都游說他繼續爭取。 而他其中一位朋友,就是John Newton (Amazing Grace 詞作者)亦游說他說,爭取廢除英國的奴隸制實是為上帝工作。自始,他不屈不撓的,甚至幾乎命斷,而在國會中搏鬥。最後,終令英國"開始"廢除奴隸制度。現 在,當我聽這歌時,一幕幕Wilberforce 為上帝,為真理的不折腰再重演。每次再聽這歌時,我就禱告感恩,在歷代歷國衪都帶領偉人來保護真理,為真理"企硬"。他們是受辱受苦來爭取的…… 我們呢?


各位讀者, 久違了! 還覺得二月過得特別慢, 眨眼三月已來.無聊, 特去找一些兒時頑皮的”金句”, 又能笑了半小時. 有一些是PG13 = 不能出街, 有一些是低B小小.

* XXX﹝人名﹞,坐飛機,跌落黎,「慘」玻璃,返到屋企唔忿氣,打爛電視機,打爛收    音機, 「呯lin bom林」放臭屁,臭過無比石油氣。

* 琴日我見到你跳樓﹝扭﹞…腰舞!

* 琴日我偷睇你沖涼…茶。

* 你XX過左身﹝新﹞…加坡。

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* 美國加拿大澳洲﹝你個格勒底好臭﹞





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